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For many years, TrackCar has been specializing in the satellite communication and tracking industry in Australia. As an Australian-owned and operated company, it has a unique understanding of the Australian market and its needs.

The company’s main focus is to provide dependable and secure GPS tracking systems for vehicles and assets. With solutions for individuals, families, small business fleets, and large commercial fleets, TrackCar can serve various clients and industries, including transport, vehicle and equipment rentals, construction, mining, forestry, and emergency services. The company can also cater to car enthusiasts who want to protect their vehicles and parents who want to keep track of their kids.

TrackCar has developed an in-house tracking software that not only meets today’s GPS tracking needs but also provides advanced solutions for the future. The software is web-based, allowing clients to access it 24/7 from any device anywhere in the world, making it convenient to track their vehicles or assets at any time.

One distinguishing feature of TrackCar is that it has an Australian-based server and after-sales service. This ensures clients have access to some of the most secure and reliable tracking systems in Australia. The company is committed to delivering excellent customer service and after-sales support, with a team of professionals dedicated to this.

Overall, TrackCar offers advanced GPS tracking solutions for a broad range of industries and clients. The company is dedicated to providing reliable and secure tracking systems that meet the current and future needs of its clients.